Why I hate spider Derby in the Philippines

Spider derby or Spider Fighting is similar to Cock Fighting (Sabong). In Spider Derby, spiders were being paired and being placed on one straight stick to start a fight. The stick is from a broomstick or a bamboo similar with a barbecue stick. In some instances, spider avoids the fight but usually both spiders will attempt to spin its web on the opponent spider and will try to bite and kill it.

I hate this culture in the Philippines since I see no good on doing it.
First, it is being done for entertainment which can be achieved by doing other things. Are you bored on watching TV, movies or doing sports?

Second, it is being done for 'gambling'.  Similar with cock fighting, money bets will be placed on a 'promising' spider.Money will be handed over the winner at the expense of valuable time and health or life of spider.
In this case, there is no real winner!

Third, spider gambling will spill the blood of innocent spiders that are caught in the wild.  This is unnecessary and harmful for us. Spiders helps control the population of insects including mosquitoes that carries the dengue disease.

Aside from this, the time spent on watching spider derby are can be allotted to productive things.  Why not look for a work? or create your own work?
Also, there are  risks on catching spiders. There are species of spiders with  itchy or poisonous bites.
People who look for spiders usually search at night when there are higher risk for dangerous animals like snakes and even dogs.

We are putting our children in danger if we continue this Spider Derby culture.
Our kids can easily catch spiders at night but they will be defenseless against snakes and dogs.
Besides, we don't want our next  generations to be exposed in gambling

By the way, I heard stories of people who got wounded by gunshots because of trespassing at night!
Kindly stop spider fighting. Please save spiders and save your lives.

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