Tips on How to start a Laundry Business

I found this video on YouTube featuring some tips on starting a Laundry Shop in the Philippines


Here are other tips for those who want to setup a laundry business

1.Establish a good system
One of the most customer feedback are missing clothes.  Clothes of a customer are prone to be be mixed with clothes of other customers so it is important that you have a good system in receiving, storing, and giving back customer's clothes.

2.Pick a good location
Just like any business, location for laundry business will highly influence your profitability. Pick a location where there are lots of busy people who don't have time to wash their own clothes.  Examples are people in college schools, offices, or condominiums. People who usually travels a lot are potential customers too since they don't want to carry their unclean clothes every time they travel.

3.Make your own detergent or fabric conditioner or look for a good supplier
You can save much if you know how to make a good detergent and fab con. You can also market them at your own laundry shop. Alternatively, you can look for a good supplier.

4.Ask your customers for feedback
Customer's might have a different opinion regarding the scent of the fab con.
They may or may not appreciate the way you arrange the clothes in plastic bags.
Ask on how you make things better for them.

5. Put cleanliness as the top priority
Don't let your customers feel that their clothes looks unwashed.   It's easy to make clothes fragrant but customers value cleanliness far more than the fab con's scent.

How much will I need to start a laundry business?

Rough estimates will be 150,000 to 250,000 pesos.  Cost depends on how many machines will you use.

What is the ROI  (balik puhunan) of laundry business?

Given a good location with a pool of customers, you can earn back your initial investment as fast as six months

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