Star City Pirate Adventure

At the center of Star City, you'll see the Pirate Adventure ride along with various food stalls.
If I remember correctly, before, Star  City featured dinosaur and Lion King at the same spot.

Pirate Adventure is a long winding river adventure where you can see the characters of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.  The closest ride that I can think of is Rio Grande of Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna.  Rio Grande mimics a natural river adventure while Pirate Adventure is a river tour with lots of
display to narrate a story about the Pirate world.

The Gigantic Pirate Ship at Star City Pirate Adventure

Pirate Adventure is somewhat similar to horror rides as you'll be stunned (at least for a moment) by hanging skeletons and scary, ghostly and  screeching sounds.

If you are going to Star City, I encourage you to visit this place no matter how many people are queuing on the entrance.  Discover a 'treasure' when you visit Pirate Adventure in Star City.

If you want to see more about this unique ride, you can view the youtube video below:

Spelunking and Caving in the Philippines

Spelunking is one of the hardest and fearful outdoor activity that I tried so far.
But at the same it gives you joy and fascination as you unfold more and more limestone formations.

Fear of height, fear of falling, fear of darkness, and fear bats are just some of the things that you need to conquer to see the true beauty of every cave.

I'm lucky that I was able to experience and survive Sumaguing cave adventure located in Sagada, Philippines.

Below are some cave photos that I found in Sagada, Philippines

Sagada was once under water. Can you see the shell fossils on these cave?

What is the best blogging niche topic in the Phillipines

I performed my research in Philippine Blogs and I found out that websites that deals with video streaming, showbiz and celebrities, Technology and Gadgets, Naruto (Anime), love quotes and Pinoy jokes are among of the most visited websites.  Of course, there are so many Food and Travel blogs that receive thousands of visitors.

Anyway, its hard to write on a topic that you are not interested in.  You'll ran of topic and ideas soon.
My advice is to follow your passion.

Landforms in the Philippines

Mount Pinatubo

Mount Makiling
Sierra Madre
Mount Apo


Cagayan Valley
Compostela Valley

If you want examples with pictures, visit

The Pinoy spirit in Bonsai and Penjing

I cannot remember the first time that saw a Bonsai.  I even can't remember how I knew the term bonsai.

My knowledge of Bonsai is limited to miniature trees. I do not know that there are many considerations in the art of doing a bonsai.  Probably, one of most important thing in bonsai making is identifying trees that will make a beautiful bonsai. The top characteristic that we must look for trees is their ability to produce smaller leaves.  Having a small tree trunk is easier but controlling the size of the leaves is difficult or impossible. We will lose proportion if we'll have the ordinary sized leaves for a miniature tree trunk.  In the Philippines, I found out that  Sampalok and some species of Molave are being used as Bonsai material.

Here are some Bonsai trees on display. I found them in in Manila Seedling bank and Quezon
City Circle

Cactus and Succulents

I am not aware of any native or endemic cactus in the Philippines.

But I'm familiar with the mini cactus being sold in stores.  I can't believe that there are so many of them and I'm amazed that they also produces flowers.

One type of cactus is being grown commercially in the Philippines and it is known as the Dragon Fruit.

My Favorite Anime

Gundam 00
*If you'll contemplate enough, you'll realize that the events in this anime is just a refection of old and current wars that we have

Macross Frontier
*Robots or mecha in here is similar to gundam. What amazes me most is the beatiful and touching songs

*I think this one is the most popular anime in the Philippines nowadays.
It is the dragonball of this generation.

One Piece
*The longest running anime.

Rain will come and it will go

As we continue to live, we'll face lots of challenges
Prepare as much as you can but don't worry too much about tomorrow
Enjoy the moment but planned ahead
Write what you think
Don't dwell too much with your problems. Never forget to wear your smile.

Alam mo may nalimutan ka today, yung ngiti mo.

What are you doing to resolve your problem?
For the past year, what are your focus?
Are you using your time wisely?

Wakeboarding in Republic Wake Park

Wakeboarding is for someone like me who wants to try a different outdoor acitivity.
I'm not into extreme sports but at least I don't want to experience wakeboarding.

There are two areas in Republic.  The one for beginners and the one for the advanced.
People in the beginners area makes  wake-boarding appear so hard while those in the advanced area makes wake-boarding to be so easy.

I tried the beginner's area. I felt nervous but I really think that I can do it until the end of the lane because it is about balancing and I'm riding bicycles since I was in grade school.  I also tried a board before but is a waveboard with wheels.  For me, waveboarding is more difficult than riding a bike.

And I really did reached the end of the wakeboarding lane. I let go of the rope and after few seconds I felt down on the waters.

After falling out of my board, I notice that I have a bigger problem. I don't know how to swim, I even don't know how to paddle to go at the sides. Hahaha. I trusted my height too much and I thought that I can walk.

You can't bring your own food and drinks but they are selling inside the Republic Wakeboard premises.
They will deliver the food that you ordered to your cottage.

Note, although the number of tries is 'unlimited' within the span of the time that you avail.
It is difficult to repeat your wakeboard experience because of the long lines specially in the beginner's area.

Most of the people who availed the 4 hours is disappointed because sometimes they just obtain the same number of tries to those who availed the 2 hour registration.

Take note that they also have breaks. 

A visit to Organic and Vermiculture Farm: Kahariam Farms

Kahariam is a vast farm located just in the boundary of Lipa and Ibaan.

How to go to Kahariam Farms:
Going to Kahariam Farms is easier when you have your own car
You can download a map of Kahariam Farms in here

What to see in Kahariam Farms:
African Night Crawlers or the vermiculture worms
Organic Fertilizer
Citrus trees
Dragon Fruit

How to go to Manila Seedling Bank

Manila Seedling Bank Foundation Building in Quezon City
Where is Manila Seedling bank

Manila Seedling bank is located in Quezon Avenue Extention Corner E. DeLos Santos Avenue, EDSA Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

How to go to Manila Seedling Bank

Take the MRT and get off at Quezon Avenue station. You'll see the Eton Centris Mall and you have to cross the bridge (going to North Avenue/SM North direction).  Walk a few meters (still going to North Avenue/SM North direction) and you'll notice a wide open space  at your right side. This serves as the entrance and vehicle entramces for Manila Seedling Bank visitors.

There is another entrance but I'm familiar with that one.

What to see in Manila Seedling Bank
Plants, plants, and more plants. Manila Seedling Bank is the largest gathering of plant sellers. If you didn't find your desired plant here then it will be difficult to find somewhere else.

They have lots of ornamental plants like orchids. I also found passion fruit vine, Miracle tree and water plants
They also have gardening tools, fertilizer, vases, driftwood, pots, kois, natural stones and lots of gardening decoration.

Manila Seedling bank also offers Bonsai and Bonsai/Penjing materials.
Fruit bearing trees and Vegetable seeds are also available in Manila Seedling Bank.

Where to eat in Manila Seedling Bank
There are no food stalls inside MSBF but there are sellers of fresh fruits and dirty ice cream.
Anyway, Eton Centris is a short walk and SM north/Trinoma is just one ride away

What I need to look for next in Manila Seedling Bank
I'll inquire about Palawan Cherry (local name Balayong) which is counterpart of Cherry Blossoms in Japan I'lll ask around also for Vanilla plant seedling

Why I started this blog

First, I'm not a writer.  I had a hard time in making essays and even draft of essays.
I hate meeting the number of words required by my teachers.

But I started this blog mainly because of the following reasons

To improve my poor writing 
Now that I no longer have a teacher, I don't know how far I can go. But as long as Im being understand by others then it is OK for me.

To help  others
 I realized that I'm always a consumer of the internet stuff. I knew how useful they are  and I thought that maybe I can also help the others. So now, I'm writing about How to (specially the How to go to)

I'm thinking also that those things that I fail to express will be turned to waste. No one will benefit. No one will understand if I don't express it.

To express myself
Nothing to express here now haha

To earn
Yeah. Everyone heard the phrase earning money online. Honestly, this was my first burning motivation.
but I began to look for something more that matters or will matter.  I know how hard to get some decent traffic and I don't want to be disappointed if I failed to earn online. It is good for me If I don't expect much.

To leave something behind
Let's face it. We don't know how long can we live. Before I meet my end, I want to leave something behind.
I want my thoughts to be heard or use by others even if I'm dead. Haha. Sounds creepy?
Anyway, I'm dead serious here that the internet and blogging is one of the ways of leaving something behind.

How to go to Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City

If you want a near  destination to bond with nature then Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park is perfect for you.
It is across the Philippine Lung Center.

If you are tight on budget, you can just ride the MRT and get off at Quezon Avenue station.
For me, it is a walking distance from Quezon Avenue Station. But you can still ask around for a jeepney or taxi.

What I love about Ninoy Aquino Wildlife

1. Affordable Entrance
How much is Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park and Wildlife Center entrance fee?
     The entrance fee is just a mere 8pesos for adult. I think it is 5 for children. At first, I thought that it so cheap. But then I remember the amount of taxes that we are giving to the government. Anyway, the 8 pesos from each of the visitors will help in taking care of the animals and in maintaning the comfort rooms around the park.

Update:  I read that they cannot adjust the rate suddenly without justification NEDA. Since 1987, DENR-PAWB didnt increased the entrance fee for Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center.

2. Quick and easy transportation
Another known park around Manila is La Mesa Eco Park.  But you need to travel northward several kilometers more going to Kalookan  to reach this place. On the other hand, Ninoy Aquino Wildlife is just in the middle of Quezon City.

3. Lake

 I think it is man-made lake but it still put me to awe.  I found small tilapias swimming freely on the lake.

There are several japanese inspired cottages on top of the lakes but I was disappointed because the alley going near to them were all blocked.

I'm not sure if they are being open on specific time but it was off limits when I visited on Saturday afternoon.

4. Meeting new animals (Palawan porcupine, Philippine Sailfin Lizard)
I realized that most of the animals in the Philippines were found in Palawan. One of these rare animals is the Palawan Porcupine.  Some resources on the web pointed out that around 25% of the animals in the Philippines are from Palawan

5.The Philippine Eagle
Philippine Eagle in Ninoy Wildlife Park

I know the Philippine Eagle since grade school. I saw several pictures from books, internet, tshirt and logs. I also catched them in televesion shows like Magandang Gabi Bayan or TV Patrol whenever there are newly hatch eagles. But this is the first time that I witnessed the actual size of the Philippine eagle. It's bigger than I expected especially when it is flying and when its wings are stretched.

If you still have time, you can also tour in Quezon City Circle or in Manila Seedling Bank

What's the best business to start in the Philippines?

If you are thinking of extra source of income, probably you already ask what is the business to start in the Philippines or wander on good Pinoy business ideas.

There are so many choices for business ideas.  Foods, Clothes, Medicines, Cars, Insurance, Computer Shop, Poultry, Meat Shop, Jewelry, Etc... The list is endless.

How can you select the best one?  First, consider your budget. Budget will allow you to start. Next, the manpower involve. Do you wish and can manage the business alone? If not, where you'll find a trustworthy person. How much of your time can you give ? Manpower will allow you to produce or provide service. Third, consider the demand and your customers. Customer and sales will ensure the sustainability of your business and determine its success.  Note that every customer have their own demands or business requirement. You need to match their orders as best as you can do that the deal will push through.
One of the problems, I heard and encountered is the lack of supply.  The deal was off because the production is low and cannot supply the whole demand. In this case, the customer will need to find other supplier or look for other materials.

There is one more thing which is as important of the factors above and that is your passion or  determination.
In every business you will face risks and obstacles. I read a lot of business who had financial troubles due to fire, typhoon.Another case is financial issues caused by delay in payments, cancelled orders, or unpaid bulk items. They were able to restart because they believe on the value with what they do.  Like them, you need to have the strength to overcome each one of them and you can do that if you enjoy your work and dedicated to your business.

Why I'm investing in agriculture?

Why I'm investing in agriculture?

Top reasons in investing in agriculture
Remember the saying that time is money? You'll be saving a lot of time if you will plant as much as you can TODAY.  Choose a tree that requires less management and you'll be saving more time. Just let them grow!

Agriculture is something that can give you money  from fruit bearing trees. Given enough space, you can plant several trees and  they can grow simultaneously.  Of course, you still have to put some effort on ensuring their  growth. But my point is you can really earn in agriculture and your earning will depend on how many trees you grow. 

One of the  critical factor in agricultural, aside from the weather, is patience. Most fruit bearing trees will grow and bear fuit after  around 5 years. There are good seeds or variety that will bear fruit in less than 3 years but this is still too long for Filipinos. 

Most of us wants  instant gratification but agriculture is not about quick returns. It is a long term investment that will gradually increase its value. 

Agriculture also helps in reducing pollution and feeding the world.

Lastly, in agriculture you'll get in touch  with mother nature. Learn more about plants and wildlife.
You'll live and enjoy in a more relaxing world.

Pinoy Jokes

Lunch or Dinner time is the best time to share jokes. One of the recent jokes I heard is about jeepney and bus barkers.

Barkers develop a nice way in abbreviating long words and pronouncing it easier. Buendia (Bu-wen-di-ya) becomes bwen-dya. Divisoria becomes just 'Divi' or just 'Soria'.  You may also hear them calling out Moa, moa then shouting Tsup, Tsup.

And that is our joke for the day, barkers who are shouting .... Moa, Moa, Tsup, Tsup.
Very funny.

If you didn't get the joke. Try reading it slowly then try reading it as fast as you can.


A common Filipino joke involves English-Tagalog translation.

I heard a sample of this joke in a passenger jeepney. And the joke goes this way...
Barker will  encourage the passengers  to sit properly and reminds them that the jeepney can carry six persons at each side.

Barker will shout 'Animan yan animan'. And then when the jeepney is full and all the 12 passengers are in, the barker whisper 'animan yan animan. In English, six-sikan six-sikan.

Six is the english for  anim while six-sikan six-sikan(siksikan) means jam packed

One of the most common moving on advise is to take care of yourself and appear more beautiful or appear sexier

The next time you'll see a Super beautiful person, ask yourself how many breakups he or she had been through.


Boy: Ang dame na talaga manloloko sa mundo
Girl: Wag ka kasi maniniwala agad sa kanila
Boy: Kanino ako maniniwala? sa yo

Girl: (Gulat na gulat) Uy hala may maliit na palaka
Boy: Huwag kang mag-alala lalaki din yan

Inday: Resorts World? Ilan kaya ang swimming pool dun. Magkano kaya entrance? Malamang mahal parang international na resort eh

Utoy:Kuya, Gising gising !! Di ba sabi mo pagdating ng 10  sabihan kita na kailangan mo na matulog?

How to make an azolla pond

How to Make Azolla Pond

Azolla Pond

Azolla is a small floating plant that can be used as food for livestock or fertilizer for plants.
You need to have a shovel and a pick to dig an azolla pond.  You don't need to dig too much.A depth of two inches is enough. Surface area of the pond is more important if you want to propagate your azolla.

To prevent the water from seeping to the ground, avail pond liners on garden stores. Alternatively, you can choose wide plastic bags or old tarpaulins as a liner. Add some cow dung on the water to serve as fertilizer of your Azolla water plants.

Planting Azolla on old tires is an easy and cheaper way if you have old tires at home.

Azolla Plant
Growing Azolla on Old tire
You need to be careful on releasing your azolla because it is a highly invasive specie.
Another common floating plant is duckweed. It is also used as commercial food alternative for chickens and fishes.

Try to check the waters as it might become a habitat for mosquito.
Put small fishes on the tire that will eat mosquito larva.

Where to buy Azolla in the Philippines?
Azolla is usually given for free in the Philippines because it propagates fast and farmers are willing to share some natural farming techniques.

If you fail to meet farmers with Azolla in your neighborhood or online community, you can ask and look for it on Centris Market and Manila Seedling Bank.

I suggest to search for it online first.  Some garderners on Seedling bank dont know that the water plants that they have are called Azolla. There are some who offers for delivery for a fee  but there might be a risk of dying.

Where to buy Miracle Fruit or Mircale Tree in the Philippines

Planting a Miracle Berry at Home

My web surfing hobby brought me to a webpage about miracle fruit.
Miracle fruit is a berry  native to Africa.  It was tagged as a miracle fuit or miracle berry because of its unique property to turn sour taste to sweet.  It doesn't reduce the acidity of the substance but it tricks the tongue and mind.

My interest peaked and I searched everywhere for more information. I went to Sulit to have some contacts about the tree. I found one in Kalookan and anonther one from Marikina. Both are from Metro Manila and the tree costs a lot. Each tree was priced more than a thousand peso.

Luckily, at the same day, I went to Manila Seedling Bank and by chance I was able to see several trees for sale. This time they were prices at a lower price. The cheapest one costs 700 pesos. But the trees were pretty big and are difficult to carry back home.

I searched in other stores and I found other Mircale trees. I bought one tree and a variegated calamansi.
I even bought some fruits at 10 pesos each.  The fruit is smaller than 'duhat' but it is so expensive.

If you want to have your own plant, you can visit Manila Seedling Bank or Quezon City Circle. You can try your luck also outside SM stores nationwide. I bought additional miracle tree just right outside of SM Lipa, Batangas.

If you are near Batangas, please visit Talisay and you'll see more suppliers.
I have around 5 trees but I'm not sure if I am willing to sell it :)

Fruits of the Philippines

Here are some fruits found in the Philippines

This is a sour, round fruit which turned to yellow when ripe.

A much sour fruit but smaller. It is usually picked unriped to use a flavoring ingredient on most of Filipino delicacies like fried fishes and fish sauces.  This is also good in making juices.

Everyone know about mangoes. A yellow, sweet fuit. Beware, an unriped mango tastes so sour.

The green, unriped fruit is being used as a vegetable.  It is being cooked ini coconut milk to form ginataang langka.  It can very sweet with a pleasant arona.  Langka or Jackfruit is also used in desserts, candies and ice cream.

Durina looks like Jacfruit but smaller in size.  Durian has its own distinct smell. Some classified the smell as unpleasant.

Guava (Bayabas)

Other Batangas Destinations


Insects of the Philippines

I'm not an insect specialist but i have a wide interest and  fascination about these living organisms.

Insects are six-legged creatures. Most of them will pass different forms during their lifecycle.
Insects generally have short lifespan during their adult form but there are some which can last unusually long like the temite queen.  Termite queen can live up to half a century.

I wasn't able to find much information or at least pictures of Philippine Insects and I decided to post and share some of my insect photos here:

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