Message for 18 candles and Message for 18 treasures

Most guests are shy when it comes to giving birthday messages.  But this can be avoided if you are prepared

Here are some of my tips on giving your birthday message whether you belong to 18 candles, 18 treasures, or 18 dances 

1. Be yourself, be genuine
   Don't imitate messages from others. You don't want to sound as her parent by saying 
   'Dalaga ka na. Wag munang magaasawa ha'. :) 

2. Avoid cliches 
    Forget the lines like Study hard. Be more creative. Say "I hope we'll be the best accountants after 3       years"
 "Huwag kang magbabago" ??

3. Choose the language where you are comfortable
   You can speak in English or Filipino as long as your message is understandable by the debutante    and the guests
   You can also try Spanish or Japanese :)

4. Remind her with the first day that you met.

5. Tell her why she is your best friend.. Tell her why you love her. 
    The latter is more difficult.. Hmm.Ok. You can just tell what are the things that you love with her

6. Recall your sad, happy moments together and tell her how    special she is to         you

7. Thank her..  State some specific kindness that she extended to you and offer your help also
    Ikaw lang yung taong nagpasaya sa 'kin nung may problema sa ...

8.  Here comes personal development.  Put constructive criticisms.
     This is a good line 'Mas maganda kung..." when giving feedback
9. Put in some sense of humor. (We'll this depend on your own style and personality)
    Pwede bang pahiram ng gown mo sa debut ko? Ang ganda eh

10. Make wishes for her future

Why don't you practice your message with songs for 18th Birthday playing on the backgound? Hahaha
Visit the list of debut songs on this page: Songs for Debut


  1. salamat sa mga tips. Here is another set

  2. Thanks for sharing, if you are giving gift to debutante make sure that would hold meaning to both you and the debutante. Try these 18 Treasures Gift ideas


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