My 100 Favorite Meanings of Love

I decided to start an entry about love after reading this post

I don't think I can create my own 100 definitions of love so I may add my favorite quotes from various authors and anonymous quotes.

What is Love?

1.Love is giving.

2.Love finds a way to give something that you don't have

3.Love is Wonderful !

4. Love is always hard to define.

5.You can't hide love without feeling hurt

6.The world can hold so much love. There's no such thing as too much love.

7.Love can withstand suffering

8. Love is powerful. It will let you do things that you've never done before

9. Love creates smiles

10.Love is like a currency. Sometimes, you trade it with other stuffs and sometimes you expect a change.

Whew.. I wrote down 10. Now, its getting harder and I'm not sure If I had written the most important definition of love.

11. I think the color of love is white. Because true love is pure. It should be pure. It should be white

12. Love has a daughter. Her name is Peace.

13. Love is cool

14. People in love will do everything before they stop and just wait.

15. Love is never a dream that you  forget after waking up.

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