Where to buy Jade Vine

I read about Jade Vine online. I can't remember where. Maybe on agricultural blogs or Facebook group about horticulture. Jade vine plant looks like an ordinary vine. It is similar with black pepper vine but Jade vine flowers are so unique. It doesn't look like a flower.  In fact, other countries are cultivating this Philippine plant.

It is found on the Philippines but I don't usually see it on garden stores and nurseries.  I'm not sure if is endangered( I hope not) but it is really rare to find one.
Do you know where to find it? or are you also looking for your own jade vine?

Sometimes, I see advertisement on Sulit, OLX or other online selling sites.
You can verify availabilty on  Marise Joyce Garden in RBR Laguna Gardens, Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City

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