Plant a Tree

This May, we will be planting 50 calamansi trees.

We got the calamansi seedling from a nursery in Lipa, Batangas.
 Each of the calamansi seedling costs 35 pesos.
There are bigger trees that you buy at a higher price. I saw one which costs 100 pesos.

These calamansi were propagated via the budding method.  As you can see most of the calamansi trees already have green calamansi fruits.

If money is not an issue

What will you do if you don't have money problems?
What will you dream of?
What will you build?
Where will you go?
What job will you take?

How will the world change if money is not an issue?

Best Calamansi Photos

Here are some photos I took during this May weekend! Enjoy!

 I want to emphasize the size of the ripened calamansi that's why I decided to put it beside an average sized calamansi.
 I believe that it will take weeks to complete these stages of calamansi fruit development

 Juicy! Seeds are large but  my eyes cant resist to notice the juice of this ripe calamansi

These photos  were used in Calamansi Farming page
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