Highest Paying Job in the Philippines

Year after year, salary per industry changes. The rate of increase of another industry might be faster than the other industries. Jobs that received the highest pay five years ago might no longer be on the TOP 10 list of highest paid job in the Philippines.

If you want to find a benchmark on salary information per industry, your best bet are the following sites

1. Job Street

This link shows data for 2013. Highest paying Jobs

2. Bureau of Local Employment (
Salary per Job in the Philippines

Browse through these two sites and you'll get valuable information about job salary for 2014, 2015 or up to the current year.

If you're undecided for the carreer to choose, Bureau of Local Employment website can help you also.
Please remember that when choosing a job, salary is not the only thing to consider. Salary is important but you also have to consider your skill and passion. Choose a job that you will enjoy regardless of the salary.

I believe on 'Follow your Passion' advise. I heard a variation of this quote from my doctor.  She said 'Follow your passion and the money will follow'.

Ask yourself, if no one will pay you, will you still take that job?  Will you still do your work even if there are no salary? If you can confidently answer YES then I congratulate you. You have found your passion.

If you are a fresh graduate or with  less than one year experience,  build your skill set first. There are many things that are not taught in school. Look for a company that will help you build your skillset effectively rather than a company that gives a hig salary only. If you have mastered your skill set, companies will find you and will give you irresistible offer!

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