List of UPCAT Review Centers and How to choose the best review center

Best UPCAT Review Center, is that what are you looking for ?
Well, I will not pinpoit the best but I can give you a list of UPCAT review centers in Manila and all around the Philippines


Newton Study Center

High Achiever

Brain Train

Review Masters (Upcat review)

Young Einstein


How to choose the best  UPCAT Review Center ?

When choosing your review center, you have to consider the price, location, duration, material. the previous passing rates and most importantly the teacher. Will you still go for the review center known for past high passign rates even if their veteran teachers or reviewers are no longer with them. Check the background of your future teachers.

What are their course?
What are their main job?
Do they have master's degree?
How many years are they teaching entrance exams?
Any comments from past review center enrollees?

A good teacher can make  worthless review materials  the best
A poor teacher can make the best review materials worthless.

Please watch out also for the passing rates. Passing rates are correlated with the background of the enrollees.  What if the enrollees of review center 'X' are batches from already prestigious high schools? What if their enrollees are honor students or top of their class?   What if the enrollees of review center 'Y'
are batches from a school who got devastated by flooding or typhoon  and the school failed to operate normally ?  I would not be impressed if review center X got high passing rates. But if review center Y enable their students to pass the exams, I would highly recommend it.

It should be consistent accross the previous years. High passing rates year after year.
But even if it is high from the past years, it doesn't necessarily mean that they will continue to get high passing rates in the future.

Choosing the review center is similar to choosing your mutual fund company.  You should look for a mutual fund with good track record and good fund manager.  The same goes for  review center. Look for good track record and good teachers.

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  1. UP is one of the first choice when it comes to college universities, and many take upcat review to be part of the university.


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