BFAR in Taal Batangas

Sometimes, we are just somewhat aware of the things aorund us. Almost all in my trip to Lemery, Batangas, Im reading about a BFAR station sign in Butong, Taal Batangas but I never really know what's in it.

Driven with my desire to have an azolla plant or duckweed, I finally decided to make a trip inside the BFAR perimeter. There, I knew that they are specializing with ornamental fishes. There are lots of kois, goldfishes, and other aquarium fishe.

Another interesting fish I found is the maliputo. Its big and at least about half of my own body.  Actually, they are also scary due to its size. Maliputo is a fresh water fish found on Taal lake. This fish population  is continuosly diminishing. One reason for its way to extinction is the proliferation of fish cages in Taal lake.
 Breeding it in BFAR is one way to increase its population.

Unluckily, I wasn't able to find any duckweed or azolla. But still it is a good mini and free adventure.
You can visit BFAR in Butong, Taal, Batangas.

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