The Pinoy spirit in Bonsai and Penjing

I cannot remember the first time that saw a Bonsai.  I even can't remember how I knew the term bonsai.

My knowledge of Bonsai is limited to miniature trees. I do not know that there are many considerations in the art of doing a bonsai.  Probably, one of most important thing in bonsai making is identifying trees that will make a beautiful bonsai. The top characteristic that we must look for trees is their ability to produce smaller leaves.  Having a small tree trunk is easier but controlling the size of the leaves is difficult or impossible. We will lose proportion if we'll have the ordinary sized leaves for a miniature tree trunk.  In the Philippines, I found out that  Sampalok and some species of Molave are being used as Bonsai material.

Here are some Bonsai trees on display. I found them in in Manila Seedling bank and Quezon
City Circle

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