Where to buy Miracle Fruit or Mircale Tree in the Philippines

Planting a Miracle Berry at Home

My web surfing hobby brought me to a webpage about miracle fruit.
Miracle fruit is a berry  native to Africa.  It was tagged as a miracle fuit or miracle berry because of its unique property to turn sour taste to sweet.  It doesn't reduce the acidity of the substance but it tricks the tongue and mind.

My interest peaked and I searched everywhere for more information. I went to Sulit to have some contacts about the tree. I found one in Kalookan and anonther one from Marikina. Both are from Metro Manila and the tree costs a lot. Each tree was priced more than a thousand peso.

Luckily, at the same day, I went to Manila Seedling Bank and by chance I was able to see several trees for sale. This time they were prices at a lower price. The cheapest one costs 700 pesos. But the trees were pretty big and are difficult to carry back home.

I searched in other stores and I found other Mircale trees. I bought one tree and a variegated calamansi.
I even bought some fruits at 10 pesos each.  The fruit is smaller than 'duhat' but it is so expensive.

If you want to have your own plant, you can visit Manila Seedling Bank or Quezon City Circle. You can try your luck also outside SM stores nationwide. I bought additional miracle tree just right outside of SM Lipa, Batangas.

If you are near Batangas, please visit Talisay and you'll see more suppliers.
I have around 5 trees but I'm not sure if I am willing to sell it :)


  1. Great post :)

    I started planting miracle berries last 2010 and I now have 200 trees. All fruit-bearing. I am now willing to sell as I need more space for Palm Oil trees :). If you know someone interested please pass may email ..

    By the way, I am from Laguna. :) Thanks!


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