Fruits of the Philippines

Here are some fruits found in the Philippines

This is a sour, round fruit which turned to yellow when ripe.

A much sour fruit but smaller. It is usually picked unriped to use a flavoring ingredient on most of Filipino delicacies like fried fishes and fish sauces.  This is also good in making juices.

Everyone know about mangoes. A yellow, sweet fuit. Beware, an unriped mango tastes so sour.

The green, unriped fruit is being used as a vegetable.  It is being cooked ini coconut milk to form ginataang langka.  It can very sweet with a pleasant arona.  Langka or Jackfruit is also used in desserts, candies and ice cream.

Durina looks like Jacfruit but smaller in size.  Durian has its own distinct smell. Some classified the smell as unpleasant.

Guava (Bayabas)

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