Picture of Butterflies in Philippines

We don't have a butterfly garden. All we have is 6 different kinds of flowering plants and these are enough to attract more than 10 species of butterflies.

I got a chance to document and take a photo of each one of them. Please correct me if I tag some of the butterflies incorrectly.

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Tailed Jay found on Philippines

Tailed jay is one of the hardest to photograph in the wild. This butterfly flies high and moves so fast.
Tailed jays stops just for a while.  When feeding on flowers tailed jay continuosly flaps its wings.
This butterfly that I spotted on a leaf is different though.  It looks pale and less energetic to other tailed jays that I observed. Maybe this one is too old or attacked by other animals.
I think this one is a pea blue butterfly

You'll also see butterflies resting or feeding on muds.  I found this small butterfly on a wet soil.
I waited for this butterfly to move so I can capture its blue wings.  

                      First on the list is the scarlet butterfly.
Scarlet Philippine Butterfly

One of the biggest butterfly that I found flyring around our frontyard.

I am not familiar with specific scientific name. But this one seems to be related to birdwing butterflies.
This is also one of the biggest that I found.

This black butterfly with orange colors in its head, and sides of its tail and wings is the most unusual butterfly that I found. I rarely see pictures of it on the internet. This butterfly's wings stays open and flat when at rest.

Blue butterflies are one of my favorites.  Even if this butterfly is small I like it because of its blue color.
I just noticed that its legs appears to be white. Pretty color combination!

Most butterflies that I found in the Philippines is feeding on this plant. The plant is known as Pseuderanthemum  reticulatum.  I also found a variegated  Pseuderanthemum  reticulatum and is teeming with caterpillars. 
Pseuderanthemum  reticulatum is a good nectar source and a host plant also for the butterflies in the Philippines.

I'm not sure if this is a real butterfly. It pale colors resembles the color of moths.

When I took this photo, I don't have idea about skippers.  This insect belongs to skipper group.
This is one of my favorite photo of butterfly.  It looks magical. It appears like a fairy butterfly. Really nice!

Another butterfly captured feeding on the ground.

A snow flat butterfly.  I highly believe that this is named as snow because of its frosty white color.

Hebomoia glaucippe or Great Orange Tip butterfly feeding on ixora.
In the Philippines the nectar plant is commonly known as santan but internationally it is called as ixora.

This is the same butterfly with the blue color above

I read that butterflies are attracted to human sweat because of their need for sodium and other minerals.

This butterflyis probably under Ring butterflies.  It is smaller than Owl butterflies but this butterfly also have resemblance to owls when its wings are widely opened.  There are two reasons cited for the presence of the ring.  One reason is to like with very big eyes like owls and to scare away predators.  The second reason is to attract the attention of predators.   The butterfly will continue to survive if it is attacked on the outer part of its wings with the round markings.

Several butterflies feed on this plant known as lantana.  My research points that this plant widely grows in the wild and in gardens but this plant is not native to the philippines.  According to Wikipedia, It is introduced in the Philippines from Hawaii.  The most common color is pink but there are other colors  too like yellow lantana, white lantana and orange lantana. Combination of colors is also possible on a single bunch of flower.

Small butterflies fly so fast.  I  have a liitle patience for small butterflies because they are hard to capture in photographs.  I can't remember how I got a photo of this white butterfly.  This butterfly is usually found flying on top of grasses.

This butterfly likes to feed on chesa fruit or atisa. The tree trunk where this butterfly stands is a chesa tree.

I think  this is called as Eggfly or blue moon butterfly. The circle on its wing appears to be an egg or a blue moon

phillipine butterfly

A common lime butterfly near a calamansi tree

Another butterfly feeding on nectar plant Pseuderanthemum  reticulatum 

Where's the head?  This small butterfly in the Philippines appears to have two heads because of the markings on its wings. It also have an antenna-looking body part on its wings.  This butterfly can fool predators on the location of its real head.  It may appear as alert eventhough it is busy feeding on flowers because it always make slight movements on its wings and moves its antenna-like body part.

I still took a photo of this butterfly even if it is flying high.
This butterfly is feeding on a tall tree with flowers and I wasn't able to capture a closer shot.

Because this butterfly is resting too far away from where I stand, I failed to capture a more decent photo.
Anyway, it seems that there's an illusion captured.  The wings of this butterfly appears not be on same size.

Common Mormon butterfly.  Perfect timing for a symmetrical shot!

A butterfly with black and white stripes.

A pair of common lime butterflies. This is most likely a male and female butterfly.

The size of this butterfly is comparable to a small bird. The wings of this butterfly resembles a bird's wing also

Courting process of butterflies

A skipper resting on calamansi leaf

Like what I said previously, Tailed jay is hard to be photographed.  Because of its constanct fast motion, this photo looks blur.   Tailed jay is more sensitive than other butterflies also. It flies away when you are getting near with them.

I compressed and uploaded my Butterflies photos.  I found all of them just in our frontyard.
Enjoy viewing.  Don't forget to like and share with others!
Please let me know if you can identify any of

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  1. Liked your shots.
    Was wandering around nipa groves today when I came upon some lantana bushes,which were in flower and attracting up to 8 species of local Pilipinas' butterflies.I was attracted to the rapid flight of what appears to have been a Tailed Jay (after I searched online).
    I had no camera with me..but the agitated behaviour of that butterfly would have made it very hard to capture.
    You did well to record it.



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