Wakeboarding in Republic Wake Park

Wakeboarding is for someone like me who wants to try a different outdoor acitivity.
I'm not into extreme sports but at least I don't want to experience wakeboarding.

There are two areas in Republic.  The one for beginners and the one for the advanced.
People in the beginners area makes  wake-boarding appear so hard while those in the advanced area makes wake-boarding to be so easy.

I tried the beginner's area. I felt nervous but I really think that I can do it until the end of the lane because it is about balancing and I'm riding bicycles since I was in grade school.  I also tried a board before but is a waveboard with wheels.  For me, waveboarding is more difficult than riding a bike.

And I really did reached the end of the wakeboarding lane. I let go of the rope and after few seconds I felt down on the waters.

After falling out of my board, I notice that I have a bigger problem. I don't know how to swim, I even don't know how to paddle to go at the sides. Hahaha. I trusted my height too much and I thought that I can walk.

You can't bring your own food and drinks but they are selling inside the Republic Wakeboard premises.
They will deliver the food that you ordered to your cottage.

Note, although the number of tries is 'unlimited' within the span of the time that you avail.
It is difficult to repeat your wakeboard experience because of the long lines specially in the beginner's area.

Most of the people who availed the 4 hours is disappointed because sometimes they just obtain the same number of tries to those who availed the 2 hour registration.

Take note that they also have breaks. 

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