Why I started this blog

First, I'm not a writer.  I had a hard time in making essays and even draft of essays.
I hate meeting the number of words required by my teachers.

But I started this blog mainly because of the following reasons

To improve my poor writing 
Now that I no longer have a teacher, I don't know how far I can go. But as long as Im being understand by others then it is OK for me.

To help  others
 I realized that I'm always a consumer of the internet stuff. I knew how useful they are  and I thought that maybe I can also help the others. So now, I'm writing about How to (specially the How to go to)

I'm thinking also that those things that I fail to express will be turned to waste. No one will benefit. No one will understand if I don't express it.

To express myself
Nothing to express here now haha

To earn
Yeah. Everyone heard the phrase earning money online. Honestly, this was my first burning motivation.
but I began to look for something more that matters or will matter.  I know how hard to get some decent traffic and I don't want to be disappointed if I failed to earn online. It is good for me If I don't expect much.

To leave something behind
Let's face it. We don't know how long can we live. Before I meet my end, I want to leave something behind.
I want my thoughts to be heard or use by others even if I'm dead. Haha. Sounds creepy?
Anyway, I'm dead serious here that the internet and blogging is one of the ways of leaving something behind.

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