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Lunch or Dinner time is the best time to share jokes. One of the recent jokes I heard is about jeepney and bus barkers.

Barkers develop a nice way in abbreviating long words and pronouncing it easier. Buendia (Bu-wen-di-ya) becomes bwen-dya. Divisoria becomes just 'Divi' or just 'Soria'.  You may also hear them calling out Moa, moa then shouting Tsup, Tsup.

And that is our joke for the day, barkers who are shouting .... Moa, Moa, Tsup, Tsup.
Very funny.

If you didn't get the joke. Try reading it slowly then try reading it as fast as you can.


A common Filipino joke involves English-Tagalog translation.

I heard a sample of this joke in a passenger jeepney. And the joke goes this way...
Barker will  encourage the passengers  to sit properly and reminds them that the jeepney can carry six persons at each side.

Barker will shout 'Animan yan animan'. And then when the jeepney is full and all the 12 passengers are in, the barker whisper 'animan yan animan. In English, six-sikan six-sikan.

Six is the english for  anim while six-sikan six-sikan(siksikan) means jam packed

One of the most common moving on advise is to take care of yourself and appear more beautiful or appear sexier

The next time you'll see a Super beautiful person, ask yourself how many breakups he or she had been through.


Boy: Ang dame na talaga manloloko sa mundo
Girl: Wag ka kasi maniniwala agad sa kanila
Boy: Kanino ako maniniwala? sa yo

Girl: (Gulat na gulat) Uy hala may maliit na palaka
Boy: Huwag kang mag-alala lalaki din yan

Inday: Resorts World? Ilan kaya ang swimming pool dun. Magkano kaya entrance? Malamang mahal parang international na resort eh

Utoy:Kuya, Gising gising !! Di ba sabi mo pagdating ng 10  sabihan kita na kailangan mo na matulog?

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