How to save enough money

1. Always remember that a better formula to save  is


Prioritize saving first before your expenses

2. Invest wisely.
Invest in stocks or mutual funds. At the very least, search for a safe bank with highest interest rate.

3. Decide wisely before making a purchase

There are very good marketing strategies nowadays that makes you thinking that you'll be saving enough if you buy their product. End of month sale, Backtoschool sale, Christmas sale, Buy one, take one, Less 20%, Free oven, Free shampoo and other free stuff that you don'y have initial plan of buying. Remember, that 99.50, 999? Its another pricing strategy that will make you think that the product is not so expensive.

My advice is dont be afraid that you are missing the chance of buying a product.
There will always be a new sale for the season or another month end sale.

The truth is you don't save if you bought items that you don't need. An extra 800mL is a waste if you only need 200mL.Ask yourself fisrt if you really need the product or service before you look at the price and  avail it.

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