Why I'm investing in agriculture?

Why I'm investing in agriculture?

Top reasons in investing in agriculture
Remember the saying that time is money? You'll be saving a lot of time if you will plant as much as you can TODAY.  Choose a tree that requires less management and you'll be saving more time. Just let them grow!

Agriculture is something that can give you money  from fruit bearing trees. Given enough space, you can plant several trees and  they can grow simultaneously.  Of course, you still have to put some effort on ensuring their  growth. But my point is you can really earn in agriculture and your earning will depend on how many trees you grow. 

One of the  critical factor in agricultural, aside from the weather, is patience. Most fruit bearing trees will grow and bear fuit after  around 5 years. There are good seeds or variety that will bear fruit in less than 3 years but this is still too long for Filipinos. 

Most of us wants  instant gratification but agriculture is not about quick returns. It is a long term investment that will gradually increase its value. 

Agriculture also helps in reducing pollution and feeding the world.

Lastly, in agriculture you'll get in touch  with mother nature. Learn more about plants and wildlife.
You'll live and enjoy in a more relaxing world.

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