How to make an azolla pond

How to Make Azolla Pond

Azolla Pond

Azolla is a small floating plant that can be used as food for livestock or fertilizer for plants.
You need to have a shovel and a pick to dig an azolla pond.  You don't need to dig too much.A depth of two inches is enough. Surface area of the pond is more important if you want to propagate your azolla.

To prevent the water from seeping to the ground, avail pond liners on garden stores. Alternatively, you can choose wide plastic bags or old tarpaulins as a liner. Add some cow dung on the water to serve as fertilizer of your Azolla water plants.

Planting Azolla on old tires is an easy and cheaper way if you have old tires at home.

Azolla Plant
Growing Azolla on Old tire
You need to be careful on releasing your azolla because it is a highly invasive specie.
Another common floating plant is duckweed. It is also used as commercial food alternative for chickens and fishes.

Try to check the waters as it might become a habitat for mosquito.
Put small fishes on the tire that will eat mosquito larva.

Where to buy Azolla in the Philippines?
Azolla is usually given for free in the Philippines because it propagates fast and farmers are willing to share some natural farming techniques.

If you fail to meet farmers with Azolla in your neighborhood or online community, you can ask and look for it on Centris Market and Manila Seedling Bank.

I suggest to search for it online first.  Some garderners on Seedling bank dont know that the water plants that they have are called Azolla. There are some who offers for delivery for a fee  but there might be a risk of dying.

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  1. Do you want to grow Azolla sabackyard mo? Text/call 09108709731, they ship via lbc every sunday.May free forage seeds din silang ipinapamigay. Or check nyo sa fb nila AZOLLAGROWERSPH.


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