Which is the better connection: LAN or broadband stick ?

Do you prefer to have a LAN Connection or broadband stick connection? a wired connection or wireless connection?

Here are some good and bad sides of both options (in the Philippine Setting)

LAN connection / Wired Connection
- Faster
- Messy connection, cables
- connection is easily lost when cables are accidentally unplugged
- not good for always-on-the-go persons

Broadband stick / wireless connections
-comparatively slower
-speed varies depending on location (speed is faster on some cities than in provinces)
- can be used almost anywhere 
- no more messy cables
- broadband unit experiences too much heat
- minus one USB port. Sometimes adjacent USB ports are also unusable because the space is too small    for the next device.

These are some observation based with my own experience.  It may or may not apply with you or your area.

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