Benefits of having a credit card in the Philippines

Credit Card Advantages

You're walking along a mall when suddenly a good looking man in formal attire blocked your way, extended his hand, and offered a piece of paper.  He's offering you offering a credit card!

Non-credit card holders may know the disadvantages of having a credit card but anyone can also reap benefits if you can choose and use the right credit card.

Here, I'll be sharing some past and current perks, advantages, promos of having a credit card.
I'm not forcing you to avail any of the credit card but I love to share information with you.

The first benefit for credit card ownership starts on the day when you apply.  Its like a signing bonus.

What do I get when I apply for a credit card?
It depends on where you apply.  In the Philippines, if you apply and follow their terms, you may get a limited Shell Vintage Bag.(Not just one but 2 vintage bags).  It may be as special as vintage bags but free big umbrellas and ballpens are common too.  we can buy ballpens everywhere in shopping mall with a few coins but we'll need cash to buy a big umbrella. Additionally, umbrellas are very useful during summer.  And bringing an umbrella is a must during Philippines rainy season.

So I'll get a bag, pen, or umbrella. What more?
I forgot to say iPod shuffle. They will also give you a chance to win a laptop, other electronic gadgets, other prizes via raffle.

How about when I started to spend, will I get any benefit or prize if I continue to use my credit card?
YES. The more you spend, the more discounts that you can enjoy with selected establishments.
It's like a rebate system. You buy and then you'll have a discounted prize for a certain item.
Shopping discount, Dining promos like Krispy Kreme treat, travel perks like Agoda room accomodation discount

Other companies let you earn reward points that can be exchanged to goods and services.  For example, you will earn 100 points when you buy a cellphone.  The promo is to have 200 points to have an electric fan.  Therefore, when you buy two cellphones that gives you 200 points, you'll have an electric fan for fee. Please note that this is not an actual existing promo and just for illustration purposes.  If you don't have enough points, you can use cash to add with your points.  Again, for illustration purposes, if you have 100 pesos you will add some pesos to get the electric fan.
*please read carefully the terms and conditions of credit card companies

Pay for items with lower interest or zero interest charge. 
I don't know how the store and credit card companies do this but if you try to observe the mall displays, almost every product is being offered with monthly installments with zero or low charge.

Other advantages of credit card holders
No more hassles in holding cash and coins in your pocket.
No more danger of losing and dropping cash
Ability to pay exact amount in major establishments

You can share your benefit with other.
Most credit card companies offer supplemental card.

Before you get excited in applying for credit cards pay attention with terms and conditions . Credit cards companies have policies  be sure to read them to avoid misunderstanding.

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