OPM Graduation Songs, Tagalog Graduation Songs

Graduation is one of the big events being celebrated in the Philippines. Just like Christmas, Filipino families send invites to their relatives for a celebration. Generally, the higher the honor achieved, the more foods is being served on the table.

If you graduated in the Philippines, your batch probably had a theme song
Popular choices for graduation songs in the Philippines are Next in Line, Journey, I have a dream by West Life.

If these are not your songs, I'm betting that you used it as one of your graduation marches.
I believe you are tired of hearing of these music and would like to hear some new ones or less popular composition.
Of course your batch also wants to be unique. I'll be sharing additional choices that you can use for upcoming ceremony.

How to choose your

Graduation song

When looking for a song, try to look for both the music and lyrics. The music should fit to a graduation event as well as the song lyrics. Usually, a good graduation songs conveys the message of friendship, thankfulness, and saying goodbye. It can also center on bigger dreams, more life goals, and sharing good luck.

If you're batch is going to sing, be sure that your batch is willing and can sing the song in front of an audience with the right pitch and tune.

I recommend Awit ng Kabataan by Rivermaya and the song 'Salamat; by Yeng Constatino.

Aside from the lively and energetic melody, I also like the lyrics and message of the song Awit ng Kabataan
I think this is the most powerful part of the song 'Awit ng Kabataan'.
Hindi niyo kami mabibilang
(You can't count us all)
At hindi rin maikakahon
(You can't keep us boxed in)
Marami kami ngunit iisa lamang
Ang aming pasyon
(We're many but we only have one passion)

Salamat (Thank You)

Salamat is a song popularized by Yeng Constatino. She also popularized the following Cool-Off, Salamat, Siguro, Lapit, Hawak Kamay, Wag Na, Lapit, Alaala, Pangarap Lang, Habambuhay, Journey, and BABAY

I voted for the song Salamat by Yeng because it is the message that you want to share to everyone that have been part of your school life. If you read on the first stanza, you'll feel a very touching message.

At kung may huling sasabihin ( If I have some last words to say)
Nais kong sambitin, nilagyan mo ng kulay ang mundo (I would like to tell, you brought colors to my world)

Needless to sat that compared to the first song, the song Salamat is more dramatic and emotional.

You can also browse on web for more OPM compositions. You may stumble on Filipino graduation songs like Lipad by Lea Salonga and Panibagong bukas

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