Air Flight Promo

Filipinos love to travel.  They love to explore, explore, explore and take pictures everywhere, every now and then.

But how can a common Juan enjoy the luxury of travels if he/she has a limited budget.
The best solution would be to watch out for upcoming air travel ticket deals or seat sale from various airlines.

The trick is to plan ahead, book early, and stick with your plan. Actually, if you won't cancel your booking, it is a WIN-WIN solution for you and the airlines.

Airline companies usually post and advertise their promos online. You can setup a google alert for airline promos. You can also bookmark the website of top airline companies or set it as your default homepage.

Maximize the power of your connections, friends, and facebook friends. If they found a sale, tell them to share it with you or make a favor to book you also in advanced.

I also heard that some credit cards owner  have some way to be notified in advanced of upcoming sales. Moreover, credit card companies also have pointing systems that allows credit card holders to have the opportunity to enjoy a cheaper or free air travel.

I'm a believer of the saying 'Seek and you will find'.  You will also find your affordable dream flight!
Good luck!

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