What is the best item for Traxex or Drow Ranger?

Ano ang magandang item para kay Traxex Drow Ranger?

Traxex is an Agility hero.  It is one of the best starting heroes for DOTA beginners because of its long attack range and huge damage. To have a great Traxex, you can choose items that will increase her agility.

Power Threads
For increase in attack speed and movement speed. Coupled with slow effect, this item will surely aid for a dealing great damage and pursuing enemies

Mask of Madness (MoM)

Mask of Madness (MoM) is a good item for Drow Ranger. MoM will allow a life steal that will regenerate a part of Traxex health. It is also an item for chasing heros and getting away for enemy heroes because when activated MoM will give you additional movement speed.
Lastly, the greatest thing with MoM for Traxex is the increase on attack speed. Imagine a hero with huge damage combined with fast attack speed and Drow ranger slow spells.  No enemy hero can escaped easily with a Traxex with MoM.

Lothar's edge.

Let's be honest. Traxex is a hero with huge offensive power but his defenses are weak.  Drow Ranger have a small health life that can be easily ruined by attacking heroes.  When you are running out of health, just activate this item and enemy heroes can no longer see and target you.

You can also used this item to position your Traxex in the battlefield in an offensive stance  or suprise attack.  You can position behind an enemy, stand in front of an enemy, accompany your allies.

Furthermore, if you have a battle with an enemy with unpredictable outcome, you can switch Lothar's on and then off. The purpose is to stop the attacks of enemy heroe and lure them to other targets. When they are off guard, you can attack them again.

Other useful items are Sange and Yasha, Buriza, and Butterfly

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