Where to buy Miracle Fruit in Philippines ?

Where to buy Miracle Fruit in Philippines ?

Miracle Fruit

  • Scientific name is Synsepalum dulcificum
  • Originated from West Africa
  • appears like a small red berry when ripe
  • Turn sour foods to sweet tasting foods by tricking the taste buds
  • Contains miraculin which is used as sugar substitute
  • fruit size is close but is smaller than duhat
  • Costs 10 pesos each in  one of the stalls in Manila Seedling Bank

Miracle Fruit and Miracle Tree is available on
1.Manila Seedling Bank near Quezon Avenue
2.Talisay, Batangas
3.Tagaytay near  Rotonda

I also found sellers on sulit.  Stores are located in Caloocan and Marikina.
You can also inquire on rare fruit society face book page.

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