List of Themes for Debut Party

Themes for 18th Birthday

Some ideas here are also mentioned on this page Debut Themes

1. Fairy

Theme for debut
Fairy Theme

Fairy is always a colorful and magical choice for eighteenth birthday celebration. You can opt to have wings or just require long dresses.

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2. J-Pop
Same with K-Pop below.  Of course, you can have a more J-Pop looking theme if you can have japanese decorations on the venue like japanese lanterns, origami, zen garden, koi

For the food, you can include ramen or noodles, tempura, and sushi

3. K-Pop
Philippines was not spared from Korean culture invasion. Filipinos are fond of koreanovelas and most likely teenagers will welcome the idea of looking like their favorite Korean characters.

Kimchi !! You should never miss serving Kimchi  on your debut

4. Pirate

Fans of One Piece anime or Pirates of Carribean will be excited on this theme!
Decorate your venue with treasure chest, ropes.

Wear pirate hats!
Have drinks on big mugs! ( Not necessariy alcoholic)

5. Vampire
Vampire theme will put black colors on your event. It will look formal but at the same time it will appear dull or dead. You can make the place more alive by wearing red dresses and decorating the place with res decors.

I'll go for Red wine ! (and Red Ribbon Cakes?) haha

6. Venetian
Time to look elegant!

7. Masks
Add some mystery on your 18th birthday event. Don't forget to shedule a dance number.

8. Anime
Cosplay time!

9. All-white
Appear clean and pure by choosing an all white theme for your debut. I dont advise this on a rainy season.

10. Cowboy
If you and your barkada love jeans and outdoor activities.

11. Retro
12. '90s
13. Beach
14. Movie inspired
15. Balloons
16. Butterflies

There are also suggestions in Debut Themes
For a list of background songs for 18th birthday, visit Songs for Debut


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