What is the taste of Balut?

What is the taste of Balut? 

What is the taste of balut
Balut Taste

Balut tastes like an ordinary boiled egg but a lot juicier.  For me, balut has a little fishy taste.  There are some sweet and salty parts. The egg white taste saltier than the egg yolk. The egg white of balut is also harder to eat because of its hardness or crunchness . Unlike the egg yolk of ordinary boiled egg, balut egg yolk is softer and juicier.   Balut dont have a hot taste like chili but you can dip it on vinegar with chili.  Balut tastes better when served hot.  To add more flavor, you can add salt or vinegar.

How to eat Balut?

Crack the top of the oval egg shaped balut egg. Do not fully break the egg shell because you'll spill the juice or the liquid parts of the balut egg.  On the small opening that you created, sip the juice.

If you don't like this juicy stuff, you can crack the egg just like what you do on a boiled egg.
When you're done sipping all the juice, peel and throw out more of the balut shells.  Grab the chick or the egg yolk and eat it.

Sometimes, eating balut is messy. Balut juice may drip on your hands so you need to prepare lots of tissue before eating it.
How to eat balut
How to eat Balut

Balut is commonly eaten with bare hands just like your eating a fruit.
But you can also use spoon and fork if you want to.

Wash your hands after eating because balut has a distinct strong smell.
The smell is not that bad but others may recognize smell and may or may not like it.

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