Philippine Endangered Animals

Philippine Endangered Species

Philippines is one of biologically richest country. Philippines serves as a home for thousands of animals. But some of these animals are in danger of extinction if not taken caren of.  Some of Philippine endangered and vulnerable animals are

1.Palawan hill mynahs (Gracula religiosa or kiyaw)
In the Philippines, this is also simply called as Mynah or Myna.  It is a popular bird because of its abilty to imitate speech.  Myna is good talking bird. To move around, mynah hops from tree branch to tree bracnh. They are active just before sunset.  Mynas are frugivorous or fruit-eater. But there are instances that mynas also eat insect making them under omnivores.

Mynah is also tagged as the best talking bird in the world!  Myna is also found in other tropical  Asian counties like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia
2. Blue-naped parrots (Tanygnathus lucionensis)

Blue-naped parrots  is also known as Blue Crowned greeen parrot or the Philipppine Green Parrot.
They eat seed, berries, nuts and grains.

 The reducing population of Blue-naped parrots in the Philippines. is attributed to the parrot's loss of natural habitat.  Trapping and illegal trade of blue-napped parrot is also a cited as a reason.

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3.Juvenile Indo-Pacific crocodiles or salt water crocodile(Crocodylus porosus)
Crocodylus porosus is a specie of crocodile that can live on salt water.

The flesh is eaten widely in the Philippine as an exotic food. Crocodile are also considered as a threat to humans or livelihood of humans(raising chickens) and humans turn on killing them.

4.Siebenrockiella leytensis 

5.Philippine Eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi

Philippine Eagle is the national bird of the Philippines.  It is the largest bird of the Philippines and also one of the largest in the world. It can be found in Luzon, Samar, Leyte but the largest number of them is present in Mt. Apo and Mt. Kitanglad in Mindanao

6.Hawksbill Sea Turtle


Tamaraw looks like a small carabao or a dwarf buffalo. Tamaraw is endemic to the Philippines and can only be found in Mindoro

Here is a link that promotes saving Tamaraw from extinction

Trivia: Tamaraw is used by one of the schools in the Philippines, Far Eastern University, on thier logo .It is used also as a mascot in athletic events.

8. Palawan Bear Cat (Arctictis Binturong)

Palawan Bear Cat  is endemic to the Philippines. In the wild, it can only be found in Palawan and its local name  is Binturong.   It is a nocturnal animal and gets active at night.  Palawan Bear Cat is not a bear and it is also not a cat but is very furry animal.  It has a white fur on its head and other parts are covered with black or gray  fur. Like a cat, it has whiskers.  It is also called Malay Civet Cat because it has a gland that contains civet, a substance that was used as a base in making perfume.

Binturong is considered pest by some people because Palawan bear cat is an omnivorus and it can eat chickens being raised by farmers.  Palawan Bear Cat is also being traded illegal.

There is a Palawan Bear cat in Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park in Quezon City.

A long list of Philippine endangered animals are listed on


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