Popular smartphone game in Philippines: Star Wars Trading Card Game

After the rise of candy crush and clash of clans, we experienced summoners war.Today,  i see people being hooked on a different kind of game called Star wars card trading game.

So far, these are the things i know about Star Wars trading game.

It is a game from Topps  who focuses on printed cards before. Now,they also  have  digital versions of cards.The game is different because you don't have too many button to press or hard levels and enemy bosses to defeat.  It is unique because you only need to  collect and trade cards as the name of the game suggests.  Everyday,credits will be given to you which you can used to buy packs of cards.  The thrill kicks in opening the card because there's a slim chance of getting a rare card.

One trading card game that I received is to always read the announcements on bulletin and star wars transmission. Another tip is to save credits for buying newly released packs.

The game is somewhat addictive and using real cash to buy more credits is really tempting.  It is an expensive game for other players but  some players were able to profit by offering the rare cards they obtained to other collectors for a few dollars.

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