Ornamental Plants for sale in QC circle

Here are some plants, ornamental and herbs  for sale that I discovered  for sale in Quezon City.
Most of the sellers were from greenhouses in closed Manila Seedling Bank

There are many more plants  in QC but these are the few that grabbed my interests.
I'll include the prices but I believe you can still  bargain for a cheaper price

Milflores @ 150 pesos each

Bay Leaf
 Laurel @ 250 pesos each

White Rubia
 White Rubia @ 50 each. Price can reach as high as 150 depending on size

 Sage herb @ 150 each

 Ashitaba @ 150 pesos
African Talisay
African Talisay @ 40, 000 pesos

I didn't asked for the price of Afican Talisay but a small tag indicates 40K

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