Sample Program for Debut Party: An outline

A Debut Program flow usually last for aorund 3-4 hours and most of the time is being spent on dining and the dances (18 roses dance, cottillion dance, intermission number, or dance performance by the debutante).

Here is a sample flow of an event for debut party or 18th birthday celebration. You can twist, add or move some of the items on the debut program outline below.

Welcoming of Guests
This includes registration. If you have a photobooth, you can instruct them to go directly to the booth.
Hmmm I think that you no longer need to tell them.

This AVP can contain introduction of the debutante. Who is the birthday girl? This can showcase the magical transformation of the debutante from a simple girl to an attractive lady

Grand entrance of debutante
It can continue where the last slide AVP ended. Debutante can wear the same dress from the last scene on AVP.  If you have smoke and spotlight effect, this is the time to use them!

Parent's talk
This is the part where the parent  or a family member will say welcome and enjoy the party

Toast for Debutante
Toast. Cheers!!

Audio Visual Presentation
Everything that the first AVP failed to share. This one can focus on the present like
the debutatante's present looks, hobbies, present friends, present boyfriend.

A moment of silence to thank God.

One of the most awaited part of every birthday party is the dining. Be sure to give enough time. You can conduct some fun games while the other guests are lining up for their food or waiting to be served.

18 roses dance
Time for the knights to come! (time to spot who can't dance)

18 candles
18 candles can also deliver short speeches or wishes

Birthday song
Happy birthday, Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to You!!
(No need to distribute the lyrics)

Blowing of cake
1...2..3.. blooow. (Repeat if debutante forget to make her wish)

Cotillion Waltz dance
This can be a mix of traditional dance and modern dance.

Father and Daugther Dance
One of the most emotional part

Closing Remarks/ Debutante Speech
This is the time to pass the microphone to debutante and say thank you for coming in her special day and in giving an awesome party.  It will look good if the debutante can avoid reading on written script.

Anyone who didn't have the chance to dance in cotillion and in 18 roses can join now

That's it. Anything you want to add on this debut program outline?
 What? Longer time for speech? More food?

I'll aim to write for a debut script for emcee next.
Thanks for reading


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