Top 5 Most played smartphone Games in the Philippines

Here are some  popular games in the Philippines

Hardest Game Ever 
Really, the hardest game ever. This application is a composition of mini-games where you are tasked to perform instructions which are usually time pressured. Some games are easy to beat but there are instances where the task seems to be impossible. You need to pass several games before you can unlock the next game.  I wish you goodluck on playing this hard game.

Zombie Tsunami
I never tried this game but I witnessed several people trying it.  You are allowed to control a zombie(which looks like an alien crocodile) and collects coins and eats people to recruit more zombie.
I think the biggest challenge is to protect the group of zombies that you collected. A larget group of zombie is more prone to accidents cause you can't control them one by one and they dont perfom actions all at the same time.  Sometimes those zombies at the back failed to jump at the right moment so they died.  You need to be extra careful to save majority of your collected zombies.

Coin Dozer
Do you know the coin slot machine in casinos and gaming centers?
Coin Dozer works the same. You need to drop coins in order to get more coins and prizes.
This is a game which doesn;t require a lot of thinking.  Some says it doesn't make sense but maybe the simplicity of the game makes it so addictive.

Since, you don't need to think too hard, this is a relaxing game. Like other games this is exciting because you are anticipating for more coins to drop. A good game to kill boring moments when you are waiting for something.

Plants versus  Zombie 2
I like defense games !  Plants versus zombies made zombies cute and playable.
The goal is to defend your house or garden to attacking zombie. You will have to collect 'suns' which serves as money to buy your plants that acts as a defender or tower against attacking zombies. Each plant has its unique abilities. Some can shoot, crush, and burn the enemies while others freezes or slows them down.

What is the 5th game for you?

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