Best Korean Manhua or Korean Manhwa to read

I decided to write on this topic because I am a comic fan.  During my childhood, there is a popular comic magazine called Liwayway. I am not sure if it still existing today but that magazine introduced me to the colorful world of comics.

Philippine comic publications are getting less popular nowadays but the youth is still a reader of comics in the form of manga or manhua.

Just last month, I started reading some manhua and I enjoyed it. I'll Be back for my updated  list of my best Manhua but first let me introduce the manhua entitled Toriko.

It's story revolve about searching for the best gourmet ingredients. Usually, Toriko, the main character will hunt extraordinary beasts and out-of-this world plants for rare meat and fruits. Toriko is being hired by restaurants and the rich to capture ferocious beasts.

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