Vanilla Plant for Sale in Philippines

Vanilla Plant for Sale in QC circle

Whenever I have a free time in Manila, I opt to go to malls and other famous attractions. This weekend, after finding out that some stalls in Manila Seedling bank moved to QC circle, I toured around QC memorial park.

Hortikultura 2015 event is still open for public last Jan 31, 2015 and around the venue are various plant stalls selling different kinds of ornamental plants and trees.

Vanilla Plant 

One rare plant I found is Vanilla bean Plant. From the pods of this plant, you can derive the flavoring called vanilla.

Vanilla from Spanish Vania which means little pod

The picture above costs 1200 pesos according to seller.
In OLX, there are advertisements for vanilla plant that costs around 300 pesos but it might not as bisg as this.  Maybe other seller offer just a cutting so they can sell at less price.

By the way, you can reach QC circle by going down to Philcoa and taking the underpass near Philippine Cocont Authorit building. There are jeepneys in Trinoma/SM north that goes to Philcoa.
Buses going to Fairview will pass through  Philcoa also.

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