Best Themes for Debut (The comeback)

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Debut Theme Ideas
If you are a music lover and many of your guests appreciate music too then you can also try having a party where the guests portray musicians. This will create a great theme for debut.
They can be a popstar, a guitar player, a classical musician, a conductor or everyone can be a rockstar just like below.

By the way, here is the shortcut for debut songs recommendation songs-for-debut

California Costumes Men's Heavy Metal Rocker Wig,Black,One Size
Don't you agree that the wig photo on the left is an attention grabbing thing?

Disney costume looks as an 18th birthday party theme
Disney Debut theme
Do you want to see Pocahontas on your 18th birthday party? Do you want to see Cinderella on your 18th birthday party? t Do you want to see Sleeping Beauty story as your theme debut party? How about Jasmine or Ariel? Well everyone is possible if you can set your debut theme as Disney Costume Party.

Color Theme: Color Party
Arrive in the same color
Imagine if every guest on the birthday party will wear the same color. All girls will wear pink and all boys will wear blue. If you like a more formal tone then ladies can wear white and gents can wear black. Or everyone can wear a black and white attire.

How about a Pirates of Carribean Party Theme for Debut?

California Costume Men's Adult-Cutthroat Pirate, Black/Red/White, L (42-44)
Looks awesome right? (You might need the sword for the party though)
If you want to have a more formal look, you can replace the eyepatch with a pirate cap.

It's your time to share on best themes for 18th birthday party
Here are other suggestions

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